4 The Climate

By Ariadna Rodriguez Muñoz

4 The Climate is a master project that explores how to use visual communication design to create activism on climate change. The project focuses on generating attention and discussion by giving people a tool to express their emotions towards the climate crisis.Through a web application to use as a tool to protest, different poster installations have taken place in Bergen and Barcelona as a result of this collective activism. Also, light projections and other interventions have been made in the city of Bergen, to expose the city as an exhibition medium. Different protest objects such as flags and raincoats have been made to protest. The project follows the idea of recovering urban space that is usually dominated by the communication of commercial brands, to give voice to people that need to communicate, protest or simply witness the climate crisis.


Ariadna Rodriguez is a Designer and Activist from Barcelona, Spain. She studied Art Direction and Graphic Design in Barcelona, and she has recently graduated with a Master's degree in Visual Communication in Bergen, Norway. She uses Design to express things, to manifest herself, going inside other people’s minds with powerful messages, with a strong interest between art and social change.

Portrait picture of Ariadna Rodriguez Muñoz