Culture exchange pavilion in By-stranden Bergen inspi­red by Persian art and culture

By Azin Rajaei

In this project I have tried to find valuable treasures from the old culture of Persia to utilize in a culture exchange center in Bergen. I have come up with unique design suggestions for the Bystrand parken which is an ongoing project near storelungegårdsvannet. The whole or a part of the suggestions could be implemented in the real project, or they can be expanded or used as an inspiration or an idea. I believe the storytelling intelligence of Persian culture could help in providing an arena for different cultures to meet and interact.


Azin is a 31 year old girl from Iran with a background in sustainable architecture. She is a culture-enthusiast, and interested in sustainable culture. Azin has lived in Norway in the last five years. She has learned Norwegian language, culture and history, and tried so hard to engage herself in society. However it has been a difficult journey for her to be accepted in society again, so she feels at home again in her new country. She believes she has gained a lot from Norwegian culture in the last few years. But she would also like to offer Norway, or better to say architecture arena in Norway, a gift from Persia!

Portrait picture of Azin Rajaei