Digital Leak Responding

By Collin Qinglin You

Have you ever heard of game art?
If not, that is because I just made it up.
Introducing this project as a game can be confusing to a certain extent, but the consequent understanding of playfulness and interactive quality is helpful for the explanation. It is not a typical video game, but a simulation of the digital incubator, a virtual space for digital species to evolve.
The embedded artificial intelligence of these imaginary creatures allows them to learn from the experiences of interactions in the environment. This adaptive strategy gives them the potential to collaborate and for artificial society to emerge.
Digital Leak Responding is a design fiction built upon this digital incubator, narrating the possibility of the alternative society. As part of the fiction, the digital incubator has presented under the title for spectators to resonate and speculate, for curious minds to discover ideas about digital species, and reflective spirits to contemplate and to abstract.

Cultivating manual


Collin Qinglin You (1993, CN): After graduating from the Guangzhou Academy of Arts, I spent almost two years in the advertising industry as an art director. I had a great time with all the vibrancy and whimsicality we brought to society. Although, I still want to explore the potential in design practices, which was concealed behind the permeated anxiety. Taking the graduate study in KMD, Bergen, I’m satisfied with the versatile approach and the comprehensive methodology I’ve learned and developed. With the supports and inputs from this amazing community, developing Digital Leak Excavation is an incredible experience for me.

Portrait picture of Collin Qinglin You