By Lena Charlotte Bienert

The project „kitchen table“ aims to question today’s design and function of student cafeterias. The work explores spatial concepts that evolve around the themes of human interaction, the emotional connection to food and the variability of an eating situation. Going back to the idea of a kitchen table at home, the project explores the cafeteria’s potential of providing easily accessible spaces on campus, that through their design can give a feeling of ownership, comfort and belonging. Low threshold activities in the kitchen, allow for a combination of positive associations with smells, tastes and meals to become an integrated part of the cafeteria space, where students can both reconnect and regenerate during their breaks.


Lena Charlotte Bienert (b. 1994) has a background in architecture and urban planning from the University of Stuttgart in Germany. She is interested in designing surroundings of any scale to shape the starting point for experiences and human interaction. Lena is empathic in her work and wants to create spaces that improve everyday life. Her interest in interior design grew through interdisciplinary work experiences, which led her to a master in interior design at the University of Bergen. Her MA project she dedicated to rethinking cafeteria design by setting food experiences in connection with comfort and belonging.

Portrait picture of Lena Charlotte Bienert