Materia Cosmica

By Lina Tanita Leiva

Materia Cosmica is a visual thought model on the implications of our current waste economy. It draws a parallel between the entropy of the universe and our own materialistic expansion. Each ring of the installation's solar system represents a step in the materials economy, from a product's atomic origin at the center, to the transformation and waste of its process, and at last its destruction. Geometric polyhedra shapes work as visual allegories of matter, materials and products through their expansive evolution and subsequent disintegration. The installation invites people to reflect on the relation our earthly resources and human intervention have to everything in the universe.


Lina Tanita Leiva (NO) is a visual communicator from and based in Bergen, Norway. Her work often centers around exploring, understanding, translating and designing systems, using design as a tool to visually articulate invisible structures. She believes design has the role and power to act as a binding agent in society, making it easier to speak, think and connect, and ultimately expand our collective imagination. In adherence to this, her work often has an idealistic nature and strives to challenge and stimulate new perspectives.

Portrait picture of Lina Tanita Leiva