Human | Nature

By Marte Skogstrand Andersen

”We need to go from being apart from nature to being a part of nature” - Sir David Attenborough
The loss of biodiversity is one of the greatest challenges of our time, and human behavior is a significant factor in this development. Human Nature is a project about reflection upon the relationship between humans and nature, which seeks to understand and challenge the human perspective. This involves questioning attitudes towards nature as one solely based on human needs. By discovering nature's intrinsic value, the goal is to create a more balanced place for nature in cities, where the distance between nature and the man made is the clearest. Small changes can have a large impact. Human Nature uncovers opportunities for raising awareness, and positive change through new ways of interaction with nature.


Marte Skogstrand Andersen (b.1992) is a Bergen - based designer specializing in spatial and furniture design. Her focus is on empathic design, and she strives to understand the emotional and physical impact that spaces has on humans. The relation between humans and nature, and a critical view of human impact on nature is also an important aspect of her projects. She therefore also experiments with reusing building materials in order to create more sustainable solutions. Her goal as a designer is to create meaningful connections and experiences, and for her projects to be a source of conversation and reflection on larger topics. Marte holds a BA in Furniture Design and Interior Architecture from the University of Bergen. Her side table Favn has been exhibited both at Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair and Designers Saturday in Oslo.

Portrait picture of Marte Skogstrand Andersen