Vi er når vi bor

By Ragnheidur Björnsdóttir

The way in which you are and I am, the manner in which we as humans are on the earth, is dwelling. It's an extension of our identity, of who we are. The primary concern of architecture should therefore be to create surroundings in which we as dwellers can stay, be and live well. Vi er når vi bor approaches the concept of dwelling by communicating how our surroundings must sustain the human way of being, thinking and feeling. The project emphasizes the importance of planning with sensitivity and understanding for human needs and requirements, both the material and functional, but also the intangible and emotional.


Ragnheidur Björnsdóttir is an interior architect based in Bergen, originally from Iceland. Her approach aims at an expanded understanding of the human being and involves the use of research methods that generate insight into different human experiences related to dwelling. Her master's degree at KMD sheds light on the interior architect´s role in housing development with a focus on living quality and how our homes should facilitate human behavior. Ragnheidur holds a BA in interior architecture from Høyskolen Kristiania, Oslo.

Portrait picture of Ragnheidur Björnsdóttir