7 mountains 7 stories 7 experiences

By Ülkü Gemalmaz

Urban structures are used by everyone in the city, and therefore they should represent collective memories and values. Making site-specific structures for an urban site in Bergen, inspired by the geography of bergen is the main focus of this project... The project uses a combination of graphics and structures to tell stories about subjective and collective experiences within the city. While I, as a foreigner, tried to discover what are the intersection points of Bergensers memories and activities about the Bergen mountains, I created my own memories and experiences on that matter. ‘7 mountains 7 stories 7 experiences’ are urban structures which people can use for short time resting and protection from rain. These objects are specialized for Bergen and designed by considering Bergen’s nature, history and people.It aims to give people a new experience by using the mountains of Bergen.


Ülkü Gemalmaz is a designer and a visual storyteller . She studied industrial design and worked on material, production methods, user experience, before she came to Norway. During her master study in KMD in Bergen she worked on identity design, design thinking and visual storytelling. She is interested in becoming a multi-disciplinary designer and using design as a better tool for communication even if we don’t speak the same languages and don’t have the same backgrounds.