Enter the chaos is a virtual exhibition platform where the new generation of designers worked hard during times of great uncertainty. The diversity of nationalities brought their perspectives and understanding of design together as an expansive practice. Questioning our futures and examining the objects, systems, and structures that shape our lived realities.

What do you get when you have 19 design students from different places and different design backgrounds? What do you get when you design during a pandemic? What do you get when designing in chaos? We are designers that still question our future. We are designers that are trying to find our way.

“This was a master of designing in chaos.“

Enter the chaos of the Master graduating class of 2021
‍MA in Design, Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design,
University of Bergen, Norway.


Identity by Studio Grün existing of BA 2 Visual Communication students:
Jason Alenus, Silje Fugleberg, Morten Aleksander Lervik, Ronja Rodriguez Solbø, Anne-Liv Helga Seim, Philip David Saavedra Flores Rasmussen, Luiza de Macedo Portela and Giulia Giuditta Heuser.

A big thanks for great collaboration with the MA students and guidance from Magnus Nyquist and Geir Goosen.

Typeface: Labil by Kometa.