VJ set with Type

By Didrik Barman Røberg

“VJ with Type” is a design project that aims to research, question and develop alternative uses of type. Special weight is placed on the use of type in symbiosis with electronic dance music.

I ask the following research question:
How can type be used in symbiosis with electronic dance music?

I explore the potential of Asemic type - type without meaning - and use the vacuum of meaning as a catalyst for how type can be used in symbiosis with music.To achieve symbiosis I created a VJ-set that lets the user transform and manipulate letters in real time in order to create visual music in a VJ-set. A VJ—set is the visual equivalent of a musical DJ-set. You are welcome to try it, and immerse yourself in the experience.


Didrik Røberg is a visual designer and artist from Bergen. He is mostly working with digital expressions within the realm of kinetic type, real time manipulation of moving image, and visual music. He looks across the design disciplines for inspiration and continues to try to blur the edges between space, light, and visual communication. It is within these intersections he seeks to challenge himself. Currently he is taking his MA degree in Design at KMD.

Portrait picture of Didrik Barman Røberg