Mellom fra og til

By Madelene Holten Larsen

Mellom fra og til is about the individual's experience of an open office landscape, and describes the space between actions, surroundings, thoughts and people. As an interior architecture project, it analyzes the connection between humans and our built surroundings at the office. Health issues such as stress, burnout, anxiety and depression, together with musculoskeletal disorders are among ten of the biggest health issues in today's society, which this masterproject Mellom fra og til focuses on the different use of spatial elements to reduce sick leave and disruptions in open office landscape.


Madelene Larsen (b. 1995) is an interior architect and a furniture designer based in Bergen, originally from Oslo. Her designs often focus on the interaction between the biological and physical environment, where she finds inspiration from nature, outdoor surroundings and colors. Diverse use of colors and materials as a way of creating contrast, taking a central place and has become her signature in many of her projects. She completed her Bachelor in interior architecture and furniture design at Bergen University in 2018, where she is currently completing her Masters degree in Design.

Portrait picture of Madelene Holten Larsen