Dreams in Tran­sition

By Thanee Rene Andino Mejía

Dreams in Transition uncovers a world of possibilities when combining textiles and AR - Augmented reality technology, reaching a potential to expose social and cultural realities. The project explores the significance of semiosis in the materials used, technology, and how popular culture influences the young generation. The aim is to strengthen identities by advocating, supporting, and motivating young cross-cultural female representation.

Their participation is essential to experience belonging in the local and large communities, building mutual trust between groups in society. The effect is to enhance the sense of individuality and represent young women in a multidimensional approach rather than merely as immigrant women. The project embraces their complex identities and invites others to do the same.


Thanee Andino is a polyglot artist and designer originally from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Her focus started on Architecture and Interior design in Honduras. She currently finished her master's degree in visual communication from the Faculty of Fine Art, Music, and Design, UiB. Where she also obtained a BA in 2019.
Her work is often interdisciplinary and speaks to life with bold forms and colors. She's a design dissenter, questioning societal norms and government power. Her current work and research focus on decolonizing design, feminism, identity, and migration issues and embraces collaboration in her practices.

Portrait picture of Thanee Rene Andino Mejía